Choose dentures that work for you

Unlike most other dental offices, we have an on-site denture lab and highly customizable options. We offer 3 types of complete dentures, with our flagship denture being the "Geneva Denture":

  • Geneva dentures
  • Portrait IPN dentures
  • Premium dentures
  • Partial dentures
We also offer partial denture options.
If you need new dentures or custom denture services, turn to Breaux Bridge Family Dentistry. Call 337-332-2412 today to schedule an appointment.

What Sets Our Dentures Apart?

On-site Denture lab

Crafting a denture is an art. Our in-house denture lab and two lab technicians allow us to design and build a custom cosmetic denture that is not only beautiful, but functional as well.

Same-day dentures

Making a denture no longer has to take weeks or months. In fact, one day is all we need to create a beautiful denture that you will be proud to show off.

Highly customizable

From our top-of-the-line Geneva Denture, to our same-day Premium denture, we offer a solution for any budget. We want your dentures to look good, feel good and last a long time.

Repairs while you wait

Denture broke? tooth fell out? no problem. Denture repairs are completed while you wait by our in-house denture lab.

Geneva Dentures

Our Geneva Denture is our top-of-the-line denture offering. Featuring Swiss made teeth and built with our Ivocap pressure injecting process, this denture not only looks great, but is very durable with minimal bulk. A 2 year warranty*, unlimited adjustments and denture cleanings make this the Cadillac of dentures.

IPN Portrait Dentures

Built with extremely dense Diamond D acrylic and custom placed IPN portrait teeth, this denture is a great balance between cost and benefit. 18 month warranty* and 1 free denture cleaning per year keep this offering very popular.

Premium Dentures

The only denture we offer in our same-day service. We stock a variety of shades and molds of teeth for this denture. 1 year warranty and an extra denture available for 50% of the cost.

Partial Dentures

If you are missing some teeth, but the remaining teeth are strong, a partial denture may be a good solution for you. We offer different types of partial dentures including flexible partials (shown above.)

What others are saying..

I love my new denture. I love how friendly the entire staff was.

V. Hebert


Frequently Asked Questions

  • With my busy schedule, how long will it take to get my dentures?If your time is very limited, our Premium dentures can be made in one day. To qualify for these dentures, you must meet two conditions: First, you must not have any natural teeth. Second, your appointment for this denture service begins at 8 AM with two more visits that day, and you will receive your dentures on the last visit of that day.
  • I have heard you must wait a few weeks after your teeth are extracted before you can get dentures. Is that true?We have heard many stories from our patients saying they had to wait several weeks and sometimes longer before they could get dentures. We do not make our patients wait for their dentures. We make what's called an "immediate" denture. It is given to you at the same appointment your teeth are removed, so you never have to go without teeth.
  • After I receive my "immediate" dentures, will I have to make another denture in the future?When teeth are removed and an immediate denture is delivered, the gums will shrink naturally. This results in the denture becoming too large for the smaller gums. Some dental offices require two dentures (an immediate and a follow-up denture) to be made to treat this normal problem. This results in having you pay for two dentures.

    Our procedure is to give you an immediate denture and, as a follow-up, to reline the inside of this same denture to match your smaller gums. Since the cost for the reline is less than the cost of a follow-up denture, the result is a lower cost to you since we are not making two dentures.
  • How can I be confident that my dentures won't look fake or look like horse teeth or make me look like Bugs Bunny?Many of our patients are afraid their new teeth will look too long or too short or unnatural. To prevent this from occurring, we make a trial denture (made of wax) that looks like your new denture. We try it in your mouth for your approval. If something doesn't look right to you, we make changes until you are happy with the look of the denture. This way there are no "surprises" as to how the denture will look.
  • What will I be charged for follow-up denture adjustments?There is never any charge for follow-up denture appointments.
  • Do my new dentures come with a warranty?If your denture breaks in any way, we will repair it or replace it for no charge for up to a year after you received the denture.
  • What happens if I'm not satisfied with my new dentures?If you become dissatisfied with your new dentures, we will make changes to the denture until you are satisfied. If our adjustments don't satisfy you, we will return your money.
  • What can I do to prevent an embarrassing situation of broken dentures and no teeth?We can solve this problem one of two ways:

    We can make a denture in a day for you.

    We can make a spare denture at the same time you receive your new denture.
  • What is the difference between a denture reline and a denture adjustment?A denture reline is done by putting a liner into your denture to make it fit tightly again. A denture adjustment is done by trimming areas of the denture that may be irritating to you.
  • I heard you have an in-house lab. Why is this beneficial to me?We make all of our dentures here in the office. The lab enables us to produce any kind of denture to your satisfaction. By having our lab technicians right here with us, we can provide a more customized, quicker, and lower-cost denture service. We can also make repairs while you wait. Before we had our lab, we had to mail impressions to an outside lab, which greatly extended the time needed to make our dentures.
  • What is the Ivocap system of making dentures?From the 1940s, dentures were made by a "hand packing technique." This always had two problems: porosity, which weakened the denture, and distortion, which compromised the fit. The Ivocap system uses a machine-injected process that virtually eliminates porosity and distortion, resulting in a stronger and better-fitting denture. Our Geneva and Facelift Dentures are made this way.
  • What can you tell me about using Fiber Force for my new dentures?Fiber Force is a strong comfortable fiber reinforcement that can be made as part of your new dentures. This unique technology uses specially treated glass fibers with a resin that bonds to the denture, similar to fiberglass. A Fiber Force denture is more than 300% stronger than traditional dentures. Previous methods of strengthening dentures relied on various types of metal reinforcements, but these methods added considerable weight and thickness to the denture.
  • Why should I go to Breaux Bridge Family Dentistry for my new dentures?Dr. Fontenot has been in practice for 36 years. For the last 13 years, he has limited his practice to only dentures and partial dentures and has delivered over 8,100 dentures in his career.

    As a Certified Geneva Practitioner, he has delivered over 1,100 Geneva dentures. As founder of the Geneva Dental Institute South, Dr. Fontenot conducts seminars for dentists across the nation who want to improve their denture skills.

    Dr. Fontenot keeps up with advancements in denture technology. As a result, Dr. Fontenot is now introducing a new denture system to Acadiana called the Strickland Facelift Denture. Computer technology is used in the construction of these dentures.